January, 2012

Kitty’s Creative Space

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Want a peek inside Kitty’s creative space? Take a look at the Finders Keepers blog to read the article and to see the great pictures that Scott and Alia of White Wall Photography fame snapped up.

MELT an exhibition of hand made rings and precious things

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Whoopsie daisies! I should have posted about this exhibition in December before it began, it’s all over now but I’d still like to share it with you.

MELT was a wee little exhibition of rings that I made and had on show for the month of December 2011 at Urban Cow Studio in Adelaide. Thanks to everyone who went along to have a look and for all of your positive feedback and purchases.

A collection of rings by Adelaide jeweller Katrina Weber, these utterly individual creations found their inspiration in a free-form organic play of precious metals: 18ct gold, pure silver and sterling silver.

Wrought raw in the studio making process, each ring finds it own direction. Natural and found objects (dried leaves, fabrics, papers) roller printed into the metal surface. Rings becoming collective nouns for granulated globules of silver and gold, nestled together upon bands of fused silver in fine textures of matt and bright finishes.

Whimsical and delicate, precious rings to grace a hand.

MELT Exhibition

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