The Heidi Brooch Series is part of the work that I showed in the recent fräuleins orchard exhibition at Urban Cow Studio.

The fräuleins show might be over but Heidi is not going away so easily, in fact let’s call this an online mini Kitty exhibition, for those who didn’t make it to the show or who missed seeing the intricate details of the Heidi’s amongst the big gallery setting.

This is one of the six Heidi Brooches. Cut from a branch of an Apricot tree with my Japanese wood saw, I then sanded a nice smooth surface & stamped the image on. My dear friend Holly gave me this vintage set of rubber ink stamps a few years ago.

They are ladies from different regions of Italy

Take a look at the original ink tin that came with the set

Once I had stamped the Italian ladies onto the wood I felt that they needed some colour. This is the part where I called upon the expertise of my neighbour Christine McCormack, a brilliant artist & lovely lady, who said to me when I showed her this work in progress “oh they remind me of Heidi”, referring to a children’s book by Johanna Spyri, called Heidi

Oddly enough I found this copy of Heidi in at Salvo’s store just yesterday, which inspired me to make this post. Somehow I managed to skip this classic book through my childhood so I will begin reading it as my next bed time story.

Special thanks to Christine who hand painted each brooch with acrylic paints which we then sealed with layers of varnish.

Riveted & glued in from a second secret layer of wood on the reverse of each brooch is my carefully crafted brooch pin. The spring loaded steel pin is finished to perfection & will remain secure without leaving any gaping holes in the garment you wear it on.

So now I hear you wondering where can I buy one of these 6 treasures? Please snap them up here if you would love one!

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