I confess, it has been 366 days since since my last kitty clutch upgrade. Since this post where I snatched up the jewellery bling clutch, I have been using & loving it every day since.

Stuffing around 20 cards, cash, coin & receipts in there, throwing it in my bag & fishing it out again, for 366 days without it’s original good looks fading much at all is, I think, a testament to the longevity of the Kitty Came Home clutch!

Today the jewellery bling clutch goes into early semi-retirement (her services no doubt be called on again) and I finally gave in to the temptation of this amazing geometric black & cream clutch as an absolute must have!

This fabric came from a box of sewing scraps I found in a northern suburbs charity opp-shop. There was only enough fabric to make 2 clutches, one for me & one for you potentially…

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