Yesterday I was op-shopping with my friend and fellow jeweller, Ewa Card Trinket Maker and just as we were about to leave empty handed & a wee bit disappointed, my eyes caught a sideways glimpse of something special! A beautiful stack of never been used vintage, pure Irish linen tea towels, each with a different kitschy cute animal design. Of course I couldn’t help myself and purchased six of them, Ewa took one & the volunteer lady behind the counter who failed to notice them earlier took the rest.

At first I thought I would keep them all to my greedy little self but have since decided to share the love & list one tea towel per day for the next six days on my Etsy shop.

Day 1 – giddy up horses

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One Response to “Enough to get you excited about washing the dishes!”

  1. ewa says:

    They are indeed beautiful tea towels, you just can’t beat Irish linen. I also picked up some rather fine sheet music at the next op shop xxx

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