I have been meaning to post about this exhibition for weeks now, but I have been so busy making the work for it that time has slipped by! This is the second fräuleins show following on from last years fräuleins playthings success.

If you happen to be in Adelaide for the opening night please come along To Urban Cow Studio from 6pm on Wednesday June 2nd or RSVP to the Facebook events page.

I have been making some wooden gem neck pieces for the show as well as some other surprises.

Meet the other fräuleins, Georgia Gabrielle, Joelie Crosser, Naomi Murrell, Elisa Mazzone, Anna Creasy, Ruby Chew & Peta Alannah Chigwidden.

Ramble down an orchard lane
Climb a ladder in the dappled shade.
Pluck sweet fruit for jam, then
Lie back on lawn and listen to the leaves

Hope to see you there!

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