Taking centre stage in my bathroom, this pretty little blue frocked toilet roll doll  is the latest piece of home crafted goodness that my Nanna Connie whipped up for me!


Nanna Connie's toilet roll doll

Connie (Constance Elaine Weber) is my master crafter super Nanna! Years ago she used to run her business from home making the most elaborate wedding dresses & bridesmaids gowns.


Elaine Weber - Brides Catalogue Advertisement

This is an advertisement that she took out in the Brides Catalogue (from the 1970’s I think). I found it when helping her clean out the sewing room before her & my Pop moved into a retirement village about eight years ago.  She advertised herself under her middle name ‘Elaine’ as she thought it was a more elegant sounding name that her first name, Constance.

Now days she is happy to make a few bits & pieces for her grand kids & great grand kiddies too. My next order is for a few more fancy padded coat hangers, they are the best for keeping your clothes in good shape.

Connie & Katrina

Connie & Katrina

This is my Nanna (drinking a shandy) and I (drinking sparkling red wine). I love that we are both co-ordinated in navy blue 🙂

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