After thinking about it for way too long without any action, I finally got started on a brooch that I wanted to make as a gift for Britta.

A multitude of amazing vintage buttons have come my way thanks to Britta. Initially from her own collection at home when we first met in 2005, even at first glance I knew I was in button heaven!

Once I was back in Australia a package arrived at Christmas, loaded full of home baked Christmas cookies, chocolate, liquorice, heaps of other delights plus another excellent stash of buttons!

Thanks to Australian customs, the next package took about three months to travel from Germany to me, apparently somebody there felt that buttons might be hazardous to our natural environment! Lesson learned – no more posting of precious buttons.

Last time I was in Germany we visited a couple of flea market’s (flohmarkt) and Britta helped me buy more buttons from various stall holders. My grasp on the German language was pretty much non existent, although I picked up the word for ‘button’ in a flash – knöpfe.

Anyway! As any fan of Kitty Came Home would know, each Kitty clutch purse comes with a specially selected vintage button that is used as a closing mechanism in combination with elastic. Hence my obsession and love of fine buttons 🙂

Some of the buttons that Britta has given me are collectables, especially the glass ones, so I have been saving them to make jewellery with. I have made rings and pendants before and this is my first attempt at making a brooch. I hope she likes it!

Now here are some pictures for show and tell 🙂

glass buttons plus my letter & number stamps

Glass buttons plus my letter & number stamps ready to go at my work bench.

3 antique glass buttons and their brooch pin setting

3 antique glass buttons and their brooch pin setting (lot's of soldering to make the setting)

brooch back detail

Brooch back detail with 'Britta' stamped on. This green button looks a lot like a smartie I think.

finished piece, HOORAH!

Finished piece, HOORAH! I oxidised the sterling silver to give an antique look

Fun times in the Kitty jewellery studio!

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  1. Tamzin says:

    that’s so pretty kitty!

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