Oh, the pressure! What to write for my first blog post ever?

This reminds me of school days, at the beginning of the year when I had a stack of new work books that I had spent carefully covering in Contact adhesive the week before. The perfectly covered books, in combination with the new packet of precision sharp pencils I had neatly packet in my new pencil case, made me oh so apprehensive about ruining that first clean crisp white sheet of paper!

Actually, it’s all flooding back to me now, and I think I resolved this very dilemma by getting out my glue stick (also new), cutting out a picture that I liked (hopefully relating somewhat to the class subject) and pasting it in – problem solved! Once I had the ball rolling, each consecutive page  became less daunting for some reason.

Usually as I progressed through the book and particularly towards the end things became a scribbly mess (warning for future posts).

Anyway! In order to jump over this initial hurdle, I am going to do as I have done in the past and paste in a picture 🙂

vintage wind up toy - bearded blue cat

my blue cat vintage wind up toy

Hmm… a cat with a beard. Interesting.

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